Learning History a New Way

Originally published February 2016 One of the best history classes I took last semester was amazing not because of the content, not because of the teacher (although Regina Kazyulina was a pretty great professor), but because of the different approach taken to teach the material. I learned history in an entirely new way, a way that did not include textbooks.[…]


8 Lessons Learned Job Hunting

Originally published November 2015 I am happy to announce that I have officially accepted my first co-op! This January I will start working for Rapid7, a cybersecurity firm located in Boston, as an SEO Specialist/Inbound Marketing Intern. I am very excited, not only because the role sounds absolutely amazing, as I will be able to learn more[…]


Business Book Club: I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This

Originally published September 2015 People can be inspiring in many ways. It could be by building a company that inspires a movement, like Steve Jobs; by standing up for your beliefs, even at the risk of your own life, like Malala Yousafzai; or by refusing to accept defeat, and creating something beautiful in the process, like J.K.[…]


6 Lessons Learned From Working At Victoria’s Secret

Originally published August 2015 As of this week, I am officially finished working at Victoria’s Secret as a sales specialist for the summer. It was a rewarding experience, and I am grateful that I have been able to gain sales experience, especially as I get ready to find a co-op in marketing. Working retail was nothing like I[…]


Business Book Club: The 4-Hour Workweek

Originally published August 2015 My dream job is one where I have the opportunity to travel. I am itching to explore the world, to experience different cultures, and to get paid to do so would make it that much better. When “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss was suggested to me, it seemed like it would be[…]


Business Book Club: Leave Your Mark

Originally published July 2015 Of all the books I’ve read on business this summer, “Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill it in Your Career. Rock Social Media.” by Aliza Licht is my favorite as of yet. Licht is entertaining while dishing out some very real, very necessary advice on what you need to do (and[…]


5 Resources That Make Learning Fun

Originally published July 2015 Learning is cool. Knowing things is cool. I don’t know when it became more socially acceptable to hate on education then to appreciate the fact we are able to get an education, but I don’t understand it. Call me a nerd, but learning is fun. Somewhere along the way I’m convinced[…]


Business Book Club: #GIRLBOSS

Originally published July 2015 For the second book in my quest to learn something over the summer, I turned to Sophia Amoruso, founder of Nasty Gal, with her book “#GIRLBOSS.” #GIRLBOSS is part biography, part instruction manual on how to be a #GIRLBOSS, which, as Amoruso describes it, “is someone who’s in charge of her own[…]


Business Book Club: Never Eat Alone

Originally published July 2015 Even with my job at Victoria’s Secret as a sales specialist, I have a lot of free time. And me being me, I need to do something to fill it. While at first I sat down and binged watched some TV shows, reveling in my freedom, after about a week I[…]