Ernst & Young Introductory Accounting

Originally published June 2015 In between all the amazing trips I’ve been taking, I’ve been taking classes too: managerial accounting and marketing.  I’m very glad, as I plan to concentrate in marketing and accounting, which makes my summer courses very interesting. My accounting teacher is also absolutely amazing, and always goes above and beyond to teach us things[…]


Touring Tissage de Soierie et Derives

Originally published June 2015 For our third company visit, we broke into three groups and took turns visiting Tisane de Soierie et Dervies (TSD), a silk company in Lyon. The capital of the European silk industry is Lyon, which made this tour extra interesting, as we were touring a company that helps maintain the reputation. TSD[…]


Northeastern University Marketing Association 2015 Review

Originally published April 2015 Last night was the last meeting of Northeastern University’s Marketing Association (NUMA) and I am so pleased I’m able to say I was in such an amazing club this year. At the beginning of the year I was a shy little freshman that accidentally crashed every executive board meeting held, and now I’m[…]


Top 9 Tips For Your First Conference

September of 2015 I had the incredible opportunity to attend INBOUND, a conference hosted by Hubspot, a marketing company that popularized the process of inbound marketing. My friend/mentor Fiona Gilmore is on co-op in Palo Alto with VMWare and, knowing I’m interested in marketing, suggested I attend the annual conference in Boston with her. I am still so thankful she did, as[…]