A Home for History Nerds: Washington D.C.

When my friends talk about Thanksgiving traditions, they talk about classic things: turkey, specialty sides, visiting infrequently seen loved ones, maybe even some family squabbles. I can’t relate. For the last few years, my family traveled during Thanksgiving. And not to see relatives, but for a family vacation. The reasoning? With everyone’s busy schedule, especially[…]


The French Quarter and Beyond: Top New Orleans Attractions

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to attend the American Marketing Association’s International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans. Each year the marketing association I’m involved in, Northeastern University’s Marketing Association (NUMA), sends a few students to represent the university, and I was one of the seven selected this year. The conference is held each[…]


Top 5 New Orleans Tourist Attractions

Originally published March 2016 Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to be one of nine Northeastern students sent to represent NUMA, the Northeastern University Marketing Association, at the American Marketing Association’s International Collegiate Conference (AMA ICC). The conference lasted from Thursday to Saturday, and because of this I was able to spend a few days exploring[…]


Top 10 Boston Fall and Winter Activities

Originally published March 2016 Now that spring is only days away I’m starting to get more and more excited about all the Boston activities I will be able to do thanks to the warmer weather. I feel as though I’ve been hiding out in my room as of late, heading to work and hibernating as soon as I[…]