June 1, 2016

An important aspect of marketing is research. Research comes in many forms, whether it be academic research where you can study the science of marketing, market research which can focus on a particular product, or even through the use of statistics such as those seen in Google Analytics.

Academic Research:

Starting in September I have been working as a Research Assistant for Daniele Mathras, a marketing professor at Northeastern University. While Daniele is studying a multitude of subjects, the project I am most involved with relates to voluntary simplicity. Voluntary simplicity, or the concept of why people choose not to buy things, ties strongly into minimalism, a connection we are examining. Through observations and research related to tiny homes and capsule wardrobes, we intend to discover what it is that makes someone not want things, and what that means for consumer behavior as a whole.

Market Research:

For one of my classes at Northeastern University I worked in a group to evaluate the market for the Apple iPod, specifically focusing on how streaming services and other Apple products such as the iPhone affect sales. To come to a conclusion we engaged in primary and secondary research methods, including designing and distributing a survey. The data we collected we then examined in SPSS and based on our results and statistical analysis we developed recommendations for the way the iPod should be marketed.

Google Analytics:

Using Google Analytics I have done research for multiple websites. An example is at Rapid7 where I would create weekly reports on our website traffic, noting how we received our traffic, which pages were most successful, how our international traffic was performing, and more week over week and month over month.