Here is where you can read papers I have written in my academic career on a variety of different topics.

Northeastern University Marketing Association 2018 Annual Report

Read the NUMA Annual Report 2018 here.

History Analysis: Christine Granville

As part of my study abroad to Poland, I wrote an analysis on Polish spy Christine Granville. My paper focused on how she is represented in her biographies, specifically how they tend to focus on her romantic relationships as opposed to the heroic acts she committed in World War II.

Read a copy of my Christine Granville Paper here.

Outreach 360 Agency Proposal

This paper presents Outreach 360, a non-profit, with suggestions on different marketing tactics they can make to improve the number of volunteer hours they get year over year. My team emphasized focusing on high school students and parents while redesigning the website, making advertisement placements in educational magazines, and increase reach to past volunteers.

Download a copy of my team’s Outreach360 Final Proposal here.

TJX Business Plan: Reflections

The main focus behind this project was to create a company that produced a good or service that could be used to enhance the TJX corporation’s revenue and profit. As a group, we collaborated on a 40-paged business plan for our company, which was a company dedicated to enhancing the dressing room experience. From our research we then created and presented our findings to a panel of judges.

Download a copy of my team’s TJX Business Proposal here.