Through my academic career I have had the opportunity to create case studies. Some examples are below.

Mary Kay

In the fall of 2017 I ran and organized a team of five to compete in the American Marketing Association’s annual case competition. The company we were focusing on was Mary Kay, who hoped to continue their direct selling model while also appealing to a younger generation. The submission we created highlighted the similarities between Mary Kay and subscription services by forming new ‘beauty boxes’ that young women could personalize and easily renew.

Download a copy of the Mary Kay Case Competition Submission PDF here.


Yearly the American Marketing Association invites collegiate chapters to participate in their annual case competition. In fall 2016 the company was eBay, looking to connect with their millennial audience without trying to become Amazon. Our team emphasized creating fan pages that highlighted events (and related products for purchase) to connect with a younger generation, helping them prepare for upcoming sports games, concerts, and more.

Download a copy of the eBay Case Competition PDF here.

Ice Breakers Cool Blast Chews

The American Marketing Association each year offers a case for participating chapters to develop for their annual competition. My second year involved in the competition the company was Ice Breakers, specifically their new product, Cool Blasts Chews. We decided, after conducting market research through focus groups and surveying, that we were going to focus on dating and millennials, with emphasis on optimizing sales during times that emphasized romance or intimacy, such a Valentine’s Day.

Our project resulted in Northeastern being listed as a “Commendable” school.

Download a copy of the Ice Breakers Cool Blast Chews Collegiate Case Competition PDF here.


Through Northeastern University’s Marketing Association I competed in a case competition focusing on vitaminwater. The case study is a competition hosted by the American Marketing Association where teams compete in assisting a business market themselves to better appeal to their target market. The case we worked on was for vitaminwater, where we designed a comprehensive business plan aimed at increasing declining sales. Our suggestions centered around their vitaminwater energy line, which we planned on marketing to college students and young business professionals.

Download a copy of the vitaminwater Collegiate Case Competition PDF here.