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Associate Director, SEO | Remote, May 2023 – Present

Senior Manager, SEO | Remote, February 2022 – April 2022

Clients: Neiman Marcus, Pulte Group, McCormick & Company, General Electric


Senior Analyst, SEO | Boston, MA, July 2021 – February 2022

Analyst, SEO | Boston, MA, December 2018 – July 2021

At Digitas my primary goal was to increase the organic search performance of my clients. I did so by analyzing keyword research to determine strategic goals for client success, creating local strategies using multiple search tools, ensuring high engagement levels, and developing optimization recommendations and working on all phases of the process, from keyword research and analysis through to the delivery of assets. In addition, I enhanced my client’s public relations strategy and content creation by integrating best practices for website and content development. And to top it all off I frequently designed reports highlighting the success of campaigns.

I was nominated to participate in the 2021 Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies Program, an intensive two-month program designed for the advertising industry’s most promising young talent.

Clients: Dunkin’ Brands, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Audible, Victoria’s Secret, J. M. Smucker Company, CVS Health


Associate Intern, Digital Investments | Boston, MA, September 2018 – Present

For my second position at Havas Media Group I acted as a media planner. In this role I worked closely with both clients and vendors to successfully turn a media brief into a successful campaign. There are many roles I played in this process. Firstly I had the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues to brainstorm ways to creatively bring the client’s vision to life. By leveraging relationships with vendors and applying creative solutions to company problems, we were able to better answer client questions and create successful media campaigns. A portion of my job also involved maintaining the operations of campaigns, including maintaining billing documents and handling insertion orders and authorizations.

Clients: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Avocados from Mexico, Eastern Bank, Tax Act

Insights and Data Strategy Analyst Co-Op | Boston, MA, January 2018 – July 2018

While at Havas Media Group I acted as the Insights and Data Strategy Analyst Co-op. In this role, I focused on researching and analyzing data across multiple databases for both new business and current clients. In addition to working with syndicated survey data for use in data collection, data analytics, and reporting, I also wrote about industry trends, assisted on primary research initiatives, and utilized social listening tools to discover white space and other hidden opportunities among brands. Examples of my work include discovering incrementality opportunities and defining consumer segmentations for a $180M client pitch, creating client-facing competitive ad reviews for over 20 markets highlighting total ad spend and the media mix, and drafting internal research documents on current events and trends like the emergence of 5G and millennial spending patterns.

Clients: TracFone, Perfetti Van Melle, Fidelity, Bob’s Discount Furniture, Rite Aid


Brand, Creative, and Content Co-Op | Palo Alto, CA, January 2017 – September 2017

At VMware I had the opportunity to be cross-functional, reporting not only to the Thought Leadership team under the Global Communications group, but also the Advertising, Brand, and Creative team under Corporate Marketing. Because of this, I was able to work on a variety of different projects. Under Global Communications I focused mostly on promoting our thought leadership blog, Radius, which required everything from managing an editorial calendar to writing original content. For the original content published, the page view count currently totals 24,000. In addition to Radius, however, I managed our Forbes BrandVoice partnership. Since my involvement, the site gathered 79.1 million brand impressions and an increase of 43 percent in page views. On the Advertising, Brand, and Creative side I also had the ability to get creative. One of the largest projects I worked on was internal branding, helping internal business services redesign their messaging around newer goals. In addition, I also helped revamp the way in which project requests are submitted, including a new approach to creative briefs.


Inbound Marketing Intern | Boston, MA, January 2016 – July 2016

My role at Rapid7 focused on demand generation from the lenses of digital marketing. To do this I combined many aspects of marketing, most prominently content creation, search engine optimization, and design. I wrote original content for Rapid7’s blog, where I currently have over 14,000 views on my blogs. Optimization was also a significant part of my job, so in addition to writing blogs, I helped optimize website content based on keyword research based on analyzing and compiling competitor keyword results. In addition to content creation, I designed landing pages in Marketo using HTML and CSS, outlining email campaigns, webinars, and toolkits. Other design work was centered around developing ads in Photoshop to promote on our ad channels, such as Twitter and AdRoll. Continually testing website performance with A/B tests was also a large portion of my job, as constantly trying to improve the website was one of the overarching goals of my job.


Research Assistant | Boston, MA, September 2016 – December 2018

Working as a research assistant to a Northeastern University professor gave me the chance to explore an entirely new form of marketing: marketing research. The research I worked on focused on the idea of voluntary simplicity, or why people who can afford to make purchases choose to forgo them. Through this research, we were also able to explore the idea of minimalism, and how that can be observed through a consumer behavior lens. The focus of our research was on people living in tiny homes or utilizing a capsule wardrobe, as both of these are extreme examples of voluntary simplicity. My role in the research was to research relevant articles, trends, and media related to our topic, interview people, and write and edit any articles moving forward for publication in academic journals.


Sales Specialist | Wilmington, DE, June 2015 – August 2015

As a sales specialist at Victoria’s Secret, I had the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with direct sales in the context of the retail industry. The core of my job was to identify customer needs and support point-of-purchase decisions. To truly excel at my job I had to enhance the customer experience, and to accomplish this I had to become an expert in the products we sold and all relevant promotions.  Being able to give the customer a unique one-on-one experience that inspired them to purchase Victoria’s Secret merchandise was also beneficial to my job performance. All of this combined helped me maintain an average amount of sales of $250 or more per hour, resulting in me becoming one of the top three performing sales specialists at my store. In addition to sales, I was also able to operate the cash register in a prompt and efficient manner, as well as assist with back room stock when necessary.


Financial Adviser Assistant | Wilmington, DE, June 2013 – August 2013

During my time at Ameriprise Financial, I had the opportunity to explore finance more in-depth that I had the opportunity to before. Part of my job required meeting with clients and potential clients to learn more about the advising process, as well as finance as a whole. While at Ameriprise Financial I also developed a more structured filing system through the use of a newly developed internet server, and I processed and organized financial records of clients daily. Through my work at Ameriprise Financial, I developed a greater understanding of finance and handling financial documents.


Marketing Intern | Boston, MA, July 2012 – August 2012

Through my work at Meridian Realty Group, LCC I was exposed to many activities within a realty company, focusing especially on those within marketing. I had the opportunity to host open houses with realtors in the Back Bay region, seeing how realtors best marketed the homes they are trying to sell. I was also able to see the opposite side, accompanying clients as they toured many different apartments. Another large aspect of my job was cold calling potential homebuyers and sellers to gauge interest in Meridian’s services. Overall my experience at Meridian Realty Group taught me a great deal about sales and how marketing is interwoven within sales.



Business Marketing with Minors in History and International Affairs | Boston, MA

Currently a fourth-year student at Northeastern University, I am majoring in business marketing while minoring in history and international affairs. Over the past few years, I have become very involved with activities on campus, and I currently serve as President of the Northeastern University Marketing Association on campus and am a founder of the Emerging Markets Club. Through both of these roles, I am able to better gain experience within marketing and business as a whole. I have been able to develop my interest in marketing, as well as meeting people that enhance my learning experience.


Study Abroad | Poland and the Czech Republic

During a summer semester, I took two classes through a Northeastern study abroad program called a Dialogue of Civilizations. This program is designed to give an immersive experience by marrying travel with classroom education. The program I attended was focused on World War II and Cold War history, with a special look at the Czech and Polish experienced.


Study Abroad | Lyon, France

During a summer semester, I attended classes at Centre d’Etudes Franco-American de Management (CEFAM) located in Lyon, France. The classes also required we go on excursions to local businesses, and as a result, I was able to tour and learn from many interesting businesses, from a small silk manufacturer to one of Ernst & Young’s international offices.



President/Vice President of Membership

During my time at Northeastern University I served as President of the Northeastern University’s Marketing Association (NUMA), a collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA). In this role I organized and planned speaker events to not only connect members with potential employers, but to educate them about different types of marketing and industries available to them. Throughout my tenure I created and managed a 28-person mentorship program to aid students with the college transition, increased membership 53% through the development of programs, competed in multiple case competitions that entailed designing a marketing plan for companies struggling with their marketing, one of which my group was awarded a ‘Commendable Chapter,’ and I was one of nine members to attend the AMA’s International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans, where our chapter was awarded ‘Outstanding Membership.’


Founder/Head of Communications

I am a founding member of the Emerging Markets Club, an organization focused on the development of international markets and how these developments impact the world we live in through the lenses of business and the economy. While I was Head of Communications I was in charge of all external communications, including reaching out to potential club speakers, industry leaders, and professors. Due to the startup nature of the club I also headed our recruitment, as well as public relations. It was my job to ensure that we had a healthy club membership, and to promote our activities and events throughout campus.

The Emerging Markets Club also absorbed the responsibilities of the Northeastern University Global Summit, an organization that hosts a summit each year focusing on a particular business theme. Through the previous year’s summit I worked on a three person marketing team where we handled all promotion of the summit, as well as informing students about the opportunities the club provides. I also created and managed the club’s Twitter and Facebook pages.


HubSpot Certifications

Through HubSpot I have been certified in Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Inbound Sales. Certification

With I have been certified in Excel 2013 and Google Analytics.

National Institutes of Health Office of Extramural Research

The Protecting Human Research Participants certification gives me permission to safely and legally engage in research related to living people.


Search Related Skills & Softwares

Programs and applications I am proficient in include Google Search Console, SEMrush, Screaming Frog, ahrefs, BrightEdge, Yext, Google Ads, Apple Ads, Google Analytics, Google Trends

Computer Skills

Other programs and applications I am proficient in include Marketo, NetSuite, VidYard, Optimizely, SpyFu, WordPress, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, BounceExchange, Nielsen Clear Decisions, Brandwatch, CubeYou, Kantar StADegy, AdRoll, Twitter Ads, PhotoShop, Qualtrics, Prisma, Real Time Personalization, Microsoft Suite, SPSS, and HTML.