Throughout my experience in marketing, I have had the opportunity to not only keep my own personal blog, but to be featured on other websites, blogs, and in articles. Below you will find some samples of my work.

Havas Media:

Meaningful Media: TheSkimm

Havas Group emphasizes media that provides meaning to consumers. Read my piece which speaks to the daily newsletter TheSkimm.



VMware Delivers Technology for Tomorrow’s Physicians

VMware empowers Temple Health with technologies that enable physicians to increase time spent with patients.

AeroData Revolutionizes Its Data Center With VMware NSX

Read about the business benefits VMware provided AeroData, especially in regards to their improved security practices.

Corona-Norco Unified School District Delivers on Learning With VMware

Digital workspaces provide teachers and students easy access to technology allowing for more learning time.

Security in the Age of Internet Separation

With the proper use of virtualization technologies, internet separation can be achieved with minimal impact on productivity.

Deluxe Corp Evolves Business Model With VMware

Check out this piece to see how Deluxe Corp changed their business model to keep up with changing trends with help from VMware technology.

Internet of Things: Study Shows Growing Importance for Business

“The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the hottest topics in the technology sector, and with good reason. It influences the interaction of technological, economic, social, societal, and individual changes, and analysts and market researchers estimate that by the year 2020, at least 20 billion devices will be connected. But with these devices come many questions: How do we secure all these devices? How do we successfully implement IoT projects?”

VMware AirWatch Helps El Al’s Business Take Off

Israel’s national airline adopts a digital workspace, increasing productivity and security across the business.

Memorial Healthcare Expands Its Impact With VMware

To ensure success, technology needs to be partnered with people and processes. To learn more about how Memorial Healthcare makes an impact by combining all three, read this article.



What is Incident Detection and Response?

“Incident detection and response, also known as attack/threat detection and response, is the process of finding intruders in your infrastructure, retracing their activity, containing the threat, and removing their foothold. By learning how attackers compromise systems and move around your network, you can be better equipped to detect and stop attacks before valuable data is stolen. This blog covers the different components of the attack lifecycle to help identify and remediate a threat before perpetrators steal your data.”

When Your SIEM Tools Are Just Not Enough

“In this blog we’ll dive a bit into the history behind SIEM products and their use-cases to give you context, regardless of if you’re on your first SIEM purchase or looking to supplement your existing deployment.”

Hide and Seek: Three Unseen Costs in Your SIEM Products

“During initial deployment, use, and maintenance, SIEMs typically have three costs that will surprise your organization’s security team: growing hardware costs, unpredictable data costs, and data management expenses.” Read this blog to get a greater understanding of SIEM products and their costs.

451 Research Reviews Rapid7 InsightIDR: “Blazing New Trails for Corporate Security.”

“451 Research, a global IT technology analyst firm, recently reviewed our Incident Detection & Response solution, InsightIDR.” Read this blog for a summary of 451 Research’s review on Rapid7 InsightIDR.

7 Reasons Rapid7 is a Great Place to Start Your Career

“Starting out in your career is daunting. It seems as though every decision you make is going to impact the rest of your life. I’ve been lucky enough to find a company dedicated to my future and wants to see me grow: Rapid7. Starting my career out here is a decision I’m proud of, because working here has really pushed me to try new things and to do my utmost to succeed at what I do. For anyone else thinking about starting your career here — you should! — below are my top seven reasons why Rapid7 is such a fantastic place to work.”


Northeastern University Marketing Association:

5 Times Your Decisions May Not Be As Rational As You Think: A Look at Dan Ariely’s ‘Predictably Irrational’

Think your decisions are completely independent of outside influences? Think again. Read this blog to discover ways that your decisions are made, at times even in irrational ways.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing: Tips from ‘Everybody Writes’

Writing isn’t a divine gift, gifted at birth. Instead, it’s a skill, one that can be developed over time. Read this blog to get tips on how to enhance your writing skills!

8 Ways to Kill it at Your First Job: Advice from ‘Leave Your Mark’

Starting your first job is both nerve-wracking and exciting. Check out this blog to see suggestions on how to make your first working experience count.

When Stealing Isn’t Wrong: Inspiration from ‘Steal Like an Artist’

Time and time again we are told to be original. We want to come up with a new idea, creating the next ‘big thing.’ But Austin Kleon, author of “Steal Like an Artist” poses a different theory. What if being original is overrated? What if it isn’t even possible? What if the answer is, instead, to steal from the greats?

10 Tips for Becoming Full Charged: Advice from “Are You Fully Charged?”

Are you getting everything you want out of life? Or are you feeling run down, maybe even disenchanted, with how things are going? Read this blog to discover ways to get your life fully charged again.

When Marketing Meets Tech

Read this post to understand in greater depth the benefits – as well as the drawbacks – that comes with working in marketing within the technology industry.

AMA Conference: A Student’s Experience

After attending the 2015 American Marketing Association’s International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans I wrote a student’s perspective of the conferencing, touching on the events, speakers, competitions, and other aspects of the conference. I was representing Northeastern University, and as a club we were awarded four awards, a record for us at the time.