I have had the opportunity to give presentations of my academic work. Below are some examples.

Outreach 360 Pitch

Presented ways in which Outreach 360, a non-profit, could improve their marketing to reach more people in order to see an increase in volunteer hours.

Download a copy of the Outreach360 Slides here.

iPod Usage Study: Quantitative Analysis of Consumer Behavior

Our goal was to evaluate the market for the Apple iPod, specifically focusing on how streaming services and other Apple products such as the iPhone affect sales. Based on our results and statistical analysis we developed recommendations for the way the iPod should be marketed.

Download a copy of the iPod Research Slides here.

Falsified Academic Research

In this project I worked with two other students to dive into the topic of academic fraud. We specifically focused on Diederik Stapel, a prominent figure in the study of academic fraud, and had the opportunity to present on our interaction with Diederik Stapel himself, as we were able to get in contact with him.

Download a copy of my Falsified Academic Research presentation here.