My primary focus in media and marketing is search marketing. I have experience both in search engine optimization (organic search) and search engine marketing (paid search).

Search Engine Optimization

As an SEO Senior Manager at Dentsu, my specialty is everything related to increasing to quality and quantity of traffic to a site. The three biggest categories of work I do involve content optimization, technical SEO, and local search.

While I dive a bit deeper into the content optimizations I help companies and sites make in the Content Marketing portion of this site, the biggest benefit I find is around keyword research. By doing some basic research as to what queries consumers are using to find your product/service as well as your competitors’ products/services, or even more in-depth creating search audience insight report, you can discover how to best connect with your audience and be there when they are looking for you.

Another big component of the work I do is structured around technical modifications that can make a huge improvement on your site’s performance as well as the customer’s experience. Ensuring sitemaps are submitted, redirect chains are slimmed down, your page load is fast, and pages have proper canonicals set in place are just some of the backend maintenance that ensures a site is performing as is it should. Adding on other technical additions such as optimized metadata and Schema markup also enables a site to go from good to great.

The final bucket of work I do in SEO is focused on local search. I primarily focus on Google My Business, although it’s important to note a great local listings strategy aims to create accuracy and relevancy for a business across the web. To ensure my clients find success on Google however, I work to enhance their profiles wherever possible. Depending on the situation this means updating categories to accurately reflect the business, drafting Google Posts, and uploading photos to showcase the business.

Search Engine Marketing

Within my role I also get the opportunity to assist with paid search efforts for some of my clients. While we advertise across a variety of platforms, including Bing, Verizon Native, and Yelp, my clients prioritize Google Ads and Apple Ads.

For Google Ads I assist from bulk sheet creation to pacing. For my main client, I write the copy to be used to ads, build out new campaigns and ad groups, and ensure that everything is uploaded into the software properly. And with fluctuating budgets and performance, I work with our dedicated paid team to ensure we are pacing to hit our goal budgets and KPIs. Additionally, for clients that have both paid campaigns as well as an emphasis on store visits, we’ve been able to adopt a labeling strategy that enables us to segment campaigns based on labels we add to our GMB listings. This allows us to tailor the message we push to customers based on certain store attributes.

Apple Ads is similar. Due to the emphasis some clients put on increasing their app presence, I have gotten familiar with segmenting campaigns and pacing against a budget. While metrics and KPIs are slightly different in Apple, by making sure we heavy up on keywords that drive more app downloads we can help our clients reach their goals.