I’ve developed experience with a variety of different types of research, highlighted below.

Business Intelligence & Insights:

With some roles I have had the opportunity to get both quantitative and qualitative research experience. I have experience using syndicated survey data across multiple databases for use in data collection, data analysis, and reporting. By using tools such as Nielsen Clear Decisions and Kantar I can run crosstabs and queries to discover important insights that can help determine future strategy decisions, as well as utilize social listening tools like Brandwatch to see trends across brands. In addition, I have experience running focus groups, analyzing case studies and reports, and turning qualitative data into data-driven reports.

Academic Research:

I am currently working on a paper for publication with Daniele Mathras, a marketing professor at Northeastern University. The paper’s primary focus is on voluntary simplicity, or the concept of why people chose not to buy things. We are viewing this through the lens of minimalism, with consideration for people living in tiny homes or who own a capsule wardrobe. My role involves data collection through both primary (e.g. interviews) and secondary research, data coding, and writing and editing of the final paper.