Happy Friday and welcome to the Bachelorette Bracket – consider this our official limo entrance email!

How this league is going to work is that before every Tuesday night episode every person needs to fill out their guesses for the week. For every person that correctly gets a rose you will receive 5 points (e.g. there are ten dudes getting a rose next week, if you guess all correct you would get 50 points). Each week there are also questions based on the point in the show (e.g. this week we have ‘how many times will they reference Harvard?’) and for each correct answer you will get 10 points. And to start we need to select a ‘One True Love’ (I assume for Clare and we’ll get another for Tayshia?) and if that person is correct then you’ll get 50 points.

On top of this, every week I will send out an email post show where I will provide an update on our standings within the group. I will try to not spoil anything for those that take a few days to watch the episode, but have no fear, there will be an intense amount of roasting and memes, tweets, etc. The most spoilers ever provided will look like the following:

If there are any questions / comments / concerns shoot me a note and let me know! And if you came across any of your own jokes / memes / other feel free to respond all to the thread!

I’m looking forward to hanging out with everyone over the next few weeks.


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