Hello Bachelorette Bracket contestants!

You might be thinking ‘Katherine, it’s week one but we didn’t have a rose ceremony, how do we have any idea who is pulling ahead???’

And to that I say there are no rules this season, enough people got roses and there were immediate eliminations, and time is meaningless. There are no rules. There are no right answers. But there are wrong answers!

But onto something more important: us.

Fresh out of the gate we have a FIVE WAY TIE for first. I am in second (or am I at a sad sixth..?) followed by a three way tie for fourth. That leaves another three way tie for last and two people on the work email thread who are only here for the memes.

The specialty questions this week were:

How many times will the word ‘Harvard’ be said during this episode?

ANSWER: One (shockingly not during the Chateau de Bennett tour)

How many contestants will Clare kiss during this episode?


If you want to see a brutal rejection, jump to 1:25 in this YouTube video

Will fireworks go off during this episode?

ANSWER: No (although these dudes West Side Story-ing the introducer had the tension equivalent to fireworks..?)

Will Clare still be the bachelorette at the end of this episode?


New questions and selections are open to submit ahead of next week to fill out and submit. This will be for the next rose ceremony, even though it should (ideally? hopefully?) be within the first hour so who even knows if we will end up getting a second this episode. It’s a wild ride and we’ve only just begun.

Thanks for playing and I look forward to next week


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