Top 10 Boston Fall and Winter Activities

Originally published March 2016 Now that spring is only days away I’m starting to get more and more excited about all the Boston activities I will be able to do thanks to the warmer weather. I feel as though I’ve been hiding out in my room as of late, heading to work and hibernating as soon as I[…]


5 Reason To Be Excited For Northeastern University

Originally published August 2015 Within the past week I’ve gone from working my summer job at Victoria’s Secret, hanging out with my friends and family, and enjoying my summer to frantically gathering everything I will need for when I move back into Northeastern University, this time to start my sophomore year. Even though I’m going to miss my[…]


Fall Boston Events: 2014 Edition

Originally published April 2015 Everyone told me that when I was getting prepped for Northeastern that I was going to have so many opportunities to do cool things. I was going to Boston! First time at college! But when I asked people to describe all these amazing things to me, no one had any definite answers.[…]