Chopin Museum: Marketing Analytics and Public History

The most technologically advanced museum I visited in Warsaw was the Chopin Museum. While I’ve recently written about how fantastic interactive and immersive museums are, the Chopin Museum takes this to the next level. The ticket you receive, instead of a typical paper stub, is a digital card similar to that of a hotel room key. Upon entry,[…]


Business Book Club: Made To Stick

Originally published April 2016 I love marketing. I also love reading. So when I realized that out of all the books I’ve previously been reading about business (Never Eat Alone, The 4-Hour Workweek, etc.) not a single one was specifically about marketing, I was shocked. And while those books definitely provided great advice and inspiration, I thought it was time[…]


When Marketing Meets Tech

Originally published March 2016 on NUMA’s Bostinno Channel Walking into my first co-op I was terrified about the idea of working in a tech field. The company I work for, Rapid7, focuses on cyber security, of which I could have told you approximately zero things about. I was afraid that knowing little about the tech industry would hinder my ability[…]


Touring Tissage de Soierie et Derives

Originally published June 2015 For our third company visit, we broke into three groups and took turns visiting Tisane de Soierie et Dervies (TSD), a silk company in Lyon. The capital of the European silk industry is Lyon, which made this tour extra interesting, as we were touring a company that helps maintain the reputation. TSD[…]


Northeastern University Marketing Association 2015 Review

Originally published April 2015 Last night was the last meeting of Northeastern University’s Marketing Association (NUMA) and I am so pleased I’m able to say I was in such an amazing club this year. At the beginning of the year I was a shy little freshman that accidentally crashed every executive board meeting held, and now I’m[…]