Gooooood morning Bachelorette Bracket contestants (and friendly lurkers!) Welcome to your first recap email for Michelle’s […]
FOLKS WE DONE DID IT – we survived another season of the Bachelor/ette. I don’t know […]
OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY What an episode team. Idk about any of you, but […]
Hello hello! I am back from vacation and back in your inboxes. This week we had […]
Happy Wednesday everyone! I have to be a little quicker today since I got home suuuper […]
Happy Wednesday all! I hope everyone’s day is going well – probably not as good as […]
Happy fake Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful five day weekend this fourth of […]
Happy Wednesday Bachelorette Bracket! I hope you’re all surviving the heatwave this week – I for […]
Welcome to Wednesday folks! We have good news and bad news – the good news is […]