Happy final email from me Bachelorette Bracket! After a long and absolutely incredible season in my […]
I’m going to be a little short and sweet today because I’m technically off. Also I’m […]
Good morning Bachelorette Bracket! This week is a funky week in the world of Bachelor Nation […]
Happy Monday Bachelorette Bracket! Also happy December – we are so incredibly close to the end […]
Hello hello! We are back to a normal week here at work so thankfully we are […]
Happy Tuesday Bachelorette Bracket! Important notice to submit your picks for the Bachelorette Bracket this week, especially since […]
Hello Bachelorette Bracket friends! What a week it has been, but despite the fact we’ve all […]
Welcome back to another update of the Dale Moss show The Bachelorette! I mean no offense to ABC […]
Hello Bachelorette Bracket contestants! You might be thinking ‘Katherine, it’s week one but we didn’t have […]
Happy Friday and welcome to the Bachelorette Bracket – consider this our official limo entrance email! […]